Catholic Action

Altar and Rosary Society

Serving the Church

This society cares for certain orientation of Liturgical functions. Members will attend Mass and say the Rosary in common once a month.

St. Monica’s League

For the welfare of children and families

The Confraternity of Christian Mothers, (St Monica’s League) is a pious association intended for mothers
only, as it has for its special object the promotion of good Christian and Catholic education of their children.
The members join their hearts in love with the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of Sorrows, and unite under her patronage in mutual prayer and solicitude for the welfare of their children and families.

They meet once a month at the SSPX Mission Chapel of Sts. Peter and Paul on First Fridays and/or First Saturdays after 7:30a.m. Mass to offer a Holy Hour & Mass for the souls of their children, especially for those who have left the Faith or whose behavior is the cause of maternal anguish.

A $20.00 Mass Stipend and fee is paid by all members who then participate in the graces obtained by the monthly Masses offered for the intentions of St. Monica’s League. St. Monica League Holy Hour and Prayer books are offered for donation.

Saint Stephen’s Guild

Service to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass


An arch-confraternity is a guild, which has been given special power by the Church authorities in Rome and it has special privileges. The Arch-confraternity of St. Stephen is to provide altar servers with a greater understanding of the Liturgy and serve with increasing reverence and spiritual profit. Further, this leads to a closer union with the Immaculate Heart and Sacred Heart, and a clear perspective of the vocational life.

The motto of the Guild is “Cui Servire Regnare Est” which means “to serve is to reign”.

Catholic Action Contacts: 

Saint Stephen’s Guild              – Pete Maez                 (505)-259-0116

Saint Monica’s League           – Anna Gutierrez           (505)-504-9793

Altar and Rosary Society        – Velda Ortiz                  (505)-873-3564

Eucharistic Crusade                 – Diane Maez                (505)-737-1745

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