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Sts. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church is one of a few chapels located in New Mexico where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is celebrated according to the Ancient Tridentine Rite of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

Mass & Confession Times:

Sunday Mass: 7:00 AM & 9:00 AM     Confessions: 6:30 AM & 8:30 AM

Weekday Mass:  7:30 AM     Confessions by Appointment.

Saturday Mass:  7:30 AM      Confessions after Mass.

NB: Times subject to change, call (505) – 352 – 1234

Rosary: Communal recitation begins a half-hour before Mass

After Mass events, typical agenda:

1st Sunday:        Blessing of items.

2nd Sunday:       Adult Catechism Class After Mass.

3rd Sunday:        Benediction.

4th Sunday:        Altar Boy Meeting After Mass.

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