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Sts. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church is one of a few chapels located in New Mexico where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is celebrated according to the Ancient Tridentine Rite of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. The chapel is at 5800 Ouray Road NW in Albuquerque.


Mass & Confession Times:

Sunday Mass:                               9:00AM                  Confessions:          8:00AM

Monday – Saturday:                     7:30AM                   Confessions:          Available

NB: Times subject to change, call (505) – 352 – 1234

Rosary: Communal recitation begins a half-hour before Mass


After Mass Events, typical monthly agenda:

1st Sunday:         Blessing of items, Prayers of Saint Monica’s League

2nd Sunday:       Catechism Classes

3rd Sunday:        Benediction

4th Sunday:        Catechism Classes

5th Sunday:        No Regularly Scheduled Activities






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